Project Development

Every private or government entity thrives with frequent innovative upgrade in technology and infrastructure.


General Contract

We partner in project execution by inviting technical partners to support projects in health, housing and investment.



Creating effective solutions that any company or government agency needs to transition into great customer retention & E-governance agenda

What we do

We consult and execute projects conform with global standards.

Verslom fully understands the requirements of our clients and carefully formulates the best possible way to help business in getting the desired results with minimum amount of time and cost. We are proud to push numerous businesses to the next level with our unmatched promotional techniques. The collective experience of our team ensures that those needs are serviced by the best solution formulated using the latest technology and international standards. The quality of the solution is assured by the best-practice design and engineering principles.

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Levy Collection

We develop payment collection channels to help Government agencies scale up revenue.


We serve our clients in the best manner from strategy to software solutions and implementation.

Project Management

We understand the requirements of our clients and carefully formulates the best possible way to help business in getting the desired results.


We develop solutions for effective project execution such as in road construction, Hospital design & development, housing and land management.

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How do you scale up Government's revenue collection

We develop and manage hardwares and softwares that enables Government agency collect levies such as toll gates, motor parks, waste management, water metering, building approval portal and many more.

How do you manage procurement and logistics

We are a mother company of Zhong guo Cargo, a company that manages procurement from Chinese manufacturers with last mile delivery using its developed logistic network.

Have you developed any existing platforms we can check ?

We are the developers of a platform used in Gas mass housing reticulation with integrated metering system. We have also developed other projects such as zship with taps the VFD bank api to render cross border payment service and logistics.


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18 June, 2023

Creating Levy Collection Solutions

Verslom engages in the provision of enterprise comprehensive digital solutions for companies and government entities we provide best-value response to your software needs to help you grow.